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Our school holds a lecture on the application of the National Social Science Fund
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In order to promote the development of philosophy and social science research of our school, and promote the application of philosophical and social science projects such as the National Social Science Fund of 2020 and the Humanities and Social Sciences Research of the Ministry of Education, on December 25, our school hosted a country in Report Hall 2 of the Comprehensive Teaching Building Social science fund declaration training seminar.
Li Suxia, Executive Dean, Professor and Doctoral Supervisor of the Marxist School of Hebei Normal University, and the first-level subject leader, took the topic "Several Issues Needing Attention in Applying for National Social Science Funds" as the subject, combined with his valuable experience in applying for the topic, from the social sciences The basic requirements of research, the basic qualities and conditions that social science research should have, the connotation and classification of humanities and social science research projects, the application and implementation of scientific research projects, topic examples and evaluations are comprehensively explained in five aspects. Thoroughly, pointing out the direction and path for teachers to apply for national social issues, and providing guidance and reference for the national social science fund application of our school.
Before the meeting, Zhang Xiangjing, the deputy secretary of the school, Fang Chaoyi, and the dean of the school, and Professor Li Suxia exchanged information on the subject of the report. This lecture was hosted by the Science and Technology Division and hosted by the Marxism Institute. All the teachers of the Marxist College and teachers from other departments such as the public teaching department attended the lecture.
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