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Our school holds 2020 New Year's Day Gala
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Congratulations to the New Year, Rui Rat Nafu welcomes the spring. On the evening of December 26, the "Flying Youth and Dreaming of Xinglin" 2020 New Year's Day Gala was held in Xingyuan Campus. Gao Weijuan, deputy secretary and dean of the party committee, Ren Deliang and Zhang Mingli, members of the standing committee and deputy dean of the party committee, and more than 2,000 people from various departments and units, as well as teachers and students, gathered together to share an audio-visual feast.
The party opened in the passionate song and dance "Imagination of Youth". The Latin dance "Colorful Ages" has a deep meaning, expresses its youthful style, and expresses the feelings of the country. The original Allegro "Bamboo and Songsong" has a bright and lively rhythm, and sings firmly that the students of our school are in the process of revitalizing and developing the Chinese medicine industry. Confidence and determination to contribute strength; Chorus "Xinglin Song" deeply expressed the sincere feelings of our school's teachers and students love school Rong school; hip-hop "Chinese" is full of dynamics, perfect interpretation of youthful attitude, deeply confession of the great motherland; song and dance "Long live the motherland "The love and sing of our school's teachers and students for the motherland's boundless love and good wishes, inspired the national pride and self-confidence of the majority of young students. The party ended with the applause of the students.
This evening party persisted in projecting youth dreams with campus stories, passing the weather of the times with festive joy, inheriting ancient and modern cultures with firm culture and self-confidence, and formulating national hopes with student sentiments. They were carefully prepared by the Youth League Committee of the school, and the secondary colleges actively cooperated in their ideas and content. The arrangement and the design of dance beauty are quite creative and innovative, and have won the praise of teachers and students.
The Information Technology Center conducted a live webcast of the evening. The school league committee used the official WeChat to launch the "Most Popular New Year's Day Program" selection and voting activity.
Contribution: School League Committee
Editor: Department of Propaganda and United Front

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