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School Union Launches "Send Warmth" Campaign
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In order to further implement the spirit of the Fourth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee and care about the lives of faculty and staff, the school union will continue to carry out caring and warm-hearted activities as the New Year approaches in 2020. On the afternoon of December 27, Zhang Xiangjing, the deputy secretary of the school's party committee, led the union and relevant departments to take charge of the comrades, went deep into the grass-roots branches and the families of the workers, and visited the workers in need.
Deputy Secretary Zhang Xiangjing and his team asked in detail about the health, work and living conditions of frontline teachers who are sick and insisted on working, and told them to take care of their bodies and build confidence to overcome the disease. In the homes of employees with difficulties, learn more about their urgent problems and encourage them. They must have the courage and strength to overcome the difficulties and overcome the illness, and send the care and wishes of the school's Party Committee and the union family to the employees in need.
The "Send Warmth" activity is a long-standing routine work carried out by school unions. Through condolences and visits, it reflects the care of school party committees and union organizations for the teaching staff, so that each employee can truly feel the warmth of the school family and encourage them to increase their confidence Facing the test of life, we will contribute our new strength to the development of the school in the new era.
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