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Our school holds the first meeting of the budget management committee
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In order to further strengthen the school's budget management, make overall arrangements for the use of funds, rationally allocate financial resources, improve the effectiveness of the use of financial funds, and promote the continuous and coordinated and healthy development of various undertakings in our school, in accordance with the spirit of Ji Zhong Yi Cai [2019] No. 2, the budget management of our school The first meeting of the committee was held on December 27 in the Second Report Hall of the Comprehensive Teaching Building of Xingyuan Campus. Dean Gao Weijuan, director of the budget management committee, attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Zhang Xiangjing, deputy secretary of the party committee and deputy director of the budget management committee, presided over the meeting.
Dean Gao Weijuan pointed out in his speech that everyone's joint participation in budget preparation reflects the openness and transparency of the allocation process, and is also a concrete manifestation of democratic decision-making; schools should follow the principle of "living within the means, taking overall planning, ensuring focus, and balancing expenditures" , Give priority to ensuring personnel funding and the needs of the school's normal operation, to ensure the needs of the school's development priorities; not to leave a "hard gap" in the budget preparation, scientific and reasonable, strict savings, strict control of the "three public" funds expenditure; the completion of the budget implementation progress will become One of the indicators for the year-end assessment of cadres in the future.
Liu Yaojun, Director of the Finance Department and Director of the Office of the Budget Management Committee, read the 2020 budget draft and briefly explained the 2020 budget outsourcing gap. The heads of each department successively reported on-site the budget composition and calculation of the outsourcing fund for 2020, explained the doubts, and explained the compressible funding limit.
All members of the Budget Management Committee have carefully listened to and reviewed the budgetary unit's 2020 budget for business expenditures, and made comments and suggestions on budgeting. This is our school's new attempt on budget management since the restoration of the independent system. It aims to establish a comprehensive budget management, form a management model of industry-finance integration with everyone's participation, and effectively improve the level of financial governance.
A total of 24 directors, deputy directors, regular members and mobile members of the Budget Management Committee attended the meeting.
Contributed by the Finance Department of Hebei College of Traditional Chinese Medicine
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