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Notice of New Year's Day Holiday in 2020 of Hebei College of Traditional Chinese Medicine
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Departments and second-level units:

年部分节假日安排的通知》(国办发明电〔 201916号)精神,结合学校实际,现将我校2020年元旦放假工作安排通知如下: In accordance with the spirit of the "Notice of the General Office of the State Council on the Arrangement of Certain Holidays in 2020 " (State-owned Invention Electric [ 2019 ] No. 16 ) and the actual situation of the school, the school's New Year's Day holiday arrangement for 2020 is now notified as follows:

11日放假,共1天。 Closed on January 1 , 2020 , a total of 1 day.

During the holidays, all units must do a good job of safety inspection and safety education, and the duty staff of each post must strictly observe the duty system, conscientiously perform their duties, and keep a good record of duty. In the event of major emergencies, it is necessary to report in a timely manner and properly handle them in accordance with regulations to ensure that teachers and students spend their holidays safely.

Party and government office
1226 December 26 , 2019

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