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Notice on matters related to the conclusion of the 2019 National Natural Science Foundation of China
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In order to fully implement the tasks of deepening the reform of the Science Fund, and to do a good job in the management of science fund project funding, the relevant issues of the project end of the 2019 funding expiry are announced as follows:
I. Project Conclusion
(1) Matters concerning the person in charge of the project.
The person in charge of the project should carefully read the “Measures for the Management of Research Achievements Supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China”, the fund management methods and supplementary notices, and related types of project management methods. / Achievement Report "(hereinafter referred to as the title / achievement report), and ensure that the content is true and accurate, and pay attention to the protection of intellectual property rights, and the contents listed in the State's" Science and Technology Confidentiality Regulations "must not appear in the scope of national science and technology secrets.
1. The person in charge of the project logs into the information system, writes the conclusion / result report as required and submits the attached materials electronically and submits it online; the project leader downloads and prints the final PDF version of the conclusion / result report, and submits the signature to the relying unit. Original paper conclusion / result report (excluding attachments). The person in charge of the project shall ensure that the content of the paper conclusion / result report is consistent with the electronic version.
2. The person in charge of the project shall, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the fund management measures and the supplementary notice, and the specific requirements of the "Statement for the Preparation of Final Accounts of the National Natural Science Foundation Project", together with the scientific research, finance and other departments, timely clear the accounts and assets, and truthfully compile the Final Statement of Scientific Fund Projects "to ensure that the final account data is true and accurate, and that the capital expenditure is legal and effective. If there are multiple units undertaking a project together, the project leader and the participant of the cooperative research unit shall prepare the project final accounts separately. After review by the unit, the project leader shall compile and prepare the final accounts.
3. When the person in charge of the project writes the final report, please do not include the papers to be published or not marked with the National Natural Science Foundation of China and the project approval number, etc .; do not directly copy the content of the paper as the final report / Content of results report.
4. After granting the project conclusions, the Natural Science Foundation of China will use the National Science Foundation Shared Service Network ( ) and the National Science and Technology Report Service System ( The full text of the conclusion / result report was published on the website.
5. The project leader or main participant shall, in accordance with the relevant requirements of the Natural Science Foundation of China on open access to funded project papers, when all or part of the scientific funded papers are published, the final review drafts accepted after peer review will be stored and stored. Access to the information system, no later than 12 months after publication; if the paper is open for publication, or if the publisher allows storage of the final published PDF version, the PDF version of the paper should be stored.
(2) Matters dependent on the unit.
The relying unit shall review the finalized materials in accordance with the requirements of the Regulations and submit the finalized materials to the Natural Science Foundation of China during the period from 00:00 on February 25, 2020 to 16:00 on March 1 . The items that should be closed without submitting the closing materials on time will be dealt with as expected beyond the expected end, and will be included in the corresponding limit application scope. At the same time, the Natural Science Foundation of China will carry out the project leader and relying unit deal with. Specific requirements are as follows:
1. Relying on the unit to review and confirm the conclusion materials through the information system, and submit the original paper conclusion / results report (one copy in one copy) signed and sealed by the unit within the required time for submission of the conclusion materials ), As well as the official letter of the unit and the list of final items, the incomplete materials will not be accepted.
2. Depending on the unit, the paper-based conclusion materials can be directly delivered or mailed to the material receiving group. If it is sent by mail, please send it by courier before the deadline for submission of the closing materials (based on the postmark date of the letter), so as not to delay the closing of the problem, and indicate "construction materials" in the lower left corner of the envelope.
Second, matters needing attention in the school arrangement:
(I) The person in charge of the project please check the account details as soon as possible before January 10 and fill in the final account description in detail.
(2) Complete and complete the final report by February 20; print the hard copy of the final report on the two sides and bind it into a booklet, and submit it to the Science and Technology Department in duplicate.
(Three) telephone number: 89926106 13171895576
(IV) Address of relevant website
Official website of the Natural Science Foundation of China:
Science Foundation Network Information System website:
Science Foundation Shared Services Network:
Technology Department
December 27, 2019

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