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Professor Chen Shuang from UCLA came to our school for academic lectures
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应我校 科技处邀请,在综合教学楼二号报告厅做了题为 “T细胞R1P2信号通路调控白介素17的分化对炎性疾病的影响”的学术报告。 On April 3rd, Associate Professor Chen Shuang of the University of California, Los Angeles, was invited by the Department of Science and Technology of our university to give a lecture entitled "The Effect of T Cell R1P2 Signaling Pathway Regulating Interleukin-17 Differentiation on Inflammatory Diseases" in the Second Hall of the Comprehensive Teaching Building Academic report. 学校 教师代表 研究生 代表 聆听了讲座。 The head of the Science and Technology Division, Mr. Jin Sheng, hosted the lecture, and representatives of school teachers and graduate students attended the lecture.

教授首先简单介绍了 T细胞R1P2信号通路,随后,围绕T细胞R1P2信号通路如何调控白介素17的分化等进行详细讲解,最后简要介绍了该信号通路对炎性疾病的作用。 Associate Professor Chen Shuang first briefly introduced the T cell R1P2 signaling pathway, then explained in detail how the T cell R1P2 signaling pathway regulates the differentiation of interleukin-17, and finally briefly introduced the role of this signaling pathway in inflammatory diseases. The lectures are detailed, the topics are cutting-edge, and the thinking is clear. It provides new inspiration for teachers and students in scientific research ideas and methods, and has a positive effect on creating a strong scientific research atmosphere. After the lecture, teachers and students enthusiastically asked questions, and Professor Chen seriously answered them.

Dr. Shuang Chen, graduated from Hebei Medical University, is currently an associate professor at the University of California, Los Angeles, and an associate professor at West Naishan Hospital in Los Angeles. He has been engaged in the research of cardiovascular disease mechanisms such as atherosclerosis and myocardial ischemia for many years. The first author / corresponding author has published several SCI papers in Cell, Immunity, Circulation and other top international SCI indexed journals. He has served as the special editorial board and review expert for many SCI indexed journals, and has chaired many National Institutes of Health (NIH ), American Heart Association (AHA) scientific research project.



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