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Our school invites Professor Mei Nan to give academic lectures
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22日,美国食品与药品监督局( FDA )国家毒理学研究中心高级研究员梅楠( Nan Mei )应邀在综合教学楼二号报告厅作了题为“新型和传统方法对食品添加剂的毒理学评估”的学术报告。 On May 22 , Nan Mei , a senior researcher at the National Toxicology Research Center of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration ( FDA ), was invited to give a lecture entitled "The Poison of New and Traditional Methods on Food Additives" Academic Evaluation ". Gao Yonggang, deputy director of the Science and Technology Department presided over, and some teachers representatives and students of our school listened to the lecture.
的工作职责和介绍了国家毒理学研究中心的主要工作任务,随后,以银杏为例,从毒性成分、毒理学机制、遗传学等方面详细讲解了常见食品添加剂的毒理学评估流程及各种方法。 Researcher Mei Nan briefly introduced the FDA 's job responsibilities and introduced the main work tasks of the National Toxicology Research Center. Then, taking Ginkgo as an example, it explained in detail the toxicity of common food additives in terms of toxic components, toxicological mechanisms, genetics, etc. Scientific assessment process and various methods. The lectures are detailed, vivid and easy to understand, and the logic is clear. It closely integrates scientific research with daily life, and provides new inspiration for teachers and students of our school in terms of scientific research ideas and methods. After the lecture, teachers and students enthusiastically asked questions, and Researcher Mei Nan seriously answered them.
),美国食品与药品监督局( FDA )国家毒理学研究中心高级研究员。 Nan Mei is a senior researcher at the National Toxicology Research Center of the US Food and Drug Administration ( FDA ). 年毕业于河北医科大学, 1998年起先后在加拿大阿尔伯塔大学、美国FDA国家毒理研究中心从事博士后研究工作, 2005年至今历任美国FDA国家毒理学研究中心生物科学研究员、高级研究员。 Professor Mei graduated from Hebei Medical University in 1984 , and has been doing post-doctoral research at the University of Alberta in Canada and the FDA National Toxicology Research Center since 1998. Since 2005 , he has been a researcher and senior researcher in the United States FDA National Toxicology Center. . 和国家毒理学研究中心表彰奖励,发表SCI论文近100篇。 Professor Mei has been engaged in genetic and molecular toxicology research for a long time and has achieved outstanding results. He and his team have been awarded by the FDA and the National Toxicology Research Center for many times, and have published nearly 100 SCI papers.
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