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Dr. Wenbo Peng from the Australian University of Complementary and Integrative Medicine, Sydney University of Technology is invited to give an academic lecture
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年5月29日下午,悉尼科技大学(University of Technology Sydney)澳大利亚补充与结合医学中心中级研究员彭文博博士,应邀在我校综合教学楼306教室进行了题为《 中医与流行病学结合--大数据分 析的应用以及中医在澳洲的发展现状》的学术讲座。 On the afternoon of May 29, 2019 , Dr. Peng Wenbo, an intermediate researcher at the Australian University of Technology Sydney's Australian Complementary and Integrative Medicine Centre, was invited to conduct a study entitled " Combination of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Epidemiology- -Application of Big Data Analysis and the Development of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Australia. The lecture was hosted by the Department of Science and Technology and hosted by the College of Acupuncture and Tuina. More than 60 teachers and students from our school attended the lecture.
中医在澳洲的发展现状,随后,重点讲解了 如何 应用 大数据分 析将 中医与流行病学更好的结合 , 此外,彭博士还介绍了中医流行病的课题设计以及文献系统综述书写等内容。 Dr. Peng first introduced the development status of Chinese medicine in Australia, and then explained how to use big data analysis to better integrate Chinese medicine with epidemiology . In addition, Dr. Peng also introduced the design of the epidemic of Chinese medicine and the literature system Review writing and other content. Dr. Peng's lectures are novel in perspective, unique in insight, and easy to understand, and have important guiding significance for the teachers of our school to better carry out scientific research in the future.
Dr. Peng Wenbo, Master of Chinese Medicine, Doctor of Public Health, Doctoral Supervisor. He is an intermediate researcher at the Australian Centre for Complementary and Integrative Medicine, University of Technology Sydney. Main research directions: prevention of secondary stroke and medical use of traditional Chinese medicine in chronic diseases. Good at big data analysis (such as: data linkage analysis, longitudinal data analysis), project design, and literature system review writing. He is currently chairing or completing 6 scientific research projects including the China National Natural Science Foundation. In the past 5 years, he has published 35 SCI papers and served as a member of the Scientific Reports Editorial Board and the associate editor of BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine and Advances in Integrative Medicine.

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