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Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering Fan Daiming was invited as a visiting professor and gave an academic report
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On the afternoon of June 16, Academician Fan Daiming of the Chinese Academy of Engineering visited our school to give lectures. Our school held a ceremony in Lecture Hall No. 1 of Xingyuan Campus, and appointed Academician Fan Daiming as our visiting professor. Dean Gao Weijuan presided over the appointment ceremony. Jiang Jianming, the party secretary of the school, issued a visiting professor appointment certificate to Academician Fan Daiming. Nearly 400 people including school leaders, department-level cadres, teachers and students attended the ceremony.

After the appointment ceremony, Academician Fan Daiming made a wonderful special report on the topic "Reverse Medical Research". The report is based on the status quo of modern medical research and practice, which is the development of technology, and the over-differentiation of specialties, over-specialization of specialties, and fragmentation of medical knowledge caused by the in-depth development of the micro-field. It is divided into three fields: basic research, clinical practice, and drug application. It points out the problems of micronization and neglect of the overall grasp in modern medical research, and puts forward that the medical culture needs to be reshaped and the medical research methods need to be separated. The use of reverse thinking is a new way to solve medical problems.
Dean Gao Weijuan made a concluding speech, pointing out that Academician Fan Daiming ’s lectures on Gao Wujian, profound explanations, vivid humor, and profound philosophical knowledge were a unique and critical academic feast that inspired us to reflect on the return to medical humanistic care. It is of great methodological value and guiding significance for us to improve medical research methods so that medical research can better lead the development of medicine and serve human health.
Fan Daiming is a member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and a foreign member of the American Academy of Medical Sciences. He is currently a member of the 13th National People's Congress Education, Culture and Health Committee, Chairman of the China Anti-Cancer Association, Chairman of the Asia-Pacific Digestive Society, Executive Director of the International Anti-Cancer Alliance, Executive Director of the World Digestive Society, Dean of Xijing Gastroenterology Hospital, Air Force Military Medical University, and Tumor Biology Director of the State Key Laboratory of Science, Director of the National Center for Clinical Research of Digestive Diseases, and Director of the National New Drug Clinical Trial Institution. Former vice president of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, president of the Fourth Military Medical University, chairman of the Chinese Digestive Society, member of the National Science and Technology Awards Committee, and member of the National Teaching Materials Committee. Representatives of the 14th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, representatives of the 11th and 13th National People's Congresses, outstanding members of the Communist Party of China, outstanding scientific and technological workers nationwide, the first batch of professors specially invited by the Yangtze River Scholars, and winners of the National Outstanding Youth Fund.
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